Free US and Canadian Coin Lists! is your premier source for free coin lists, coin spreadsheets and coin databases. We are also working on an all new coin collecting inventory program and mobile apps for iPhone and Android.  Currently we are in the development phase of our coin collecting programs. If you are interested in supporting the mobile apps please complete our survey and sign up for beta testing. We would love your feedback and support!  For now you can check out our various lists and spreadsheets by clicking the download coin list link at the top of our page.  

Rather than having you navigate through complicated sites, full of advertisements, our coin lists are easy to find and easy to download. Whether you are just beginning you collection or are an advanced collector we have what you need!   What is unique about the coin lists we have, is that you can customize it to be whatever you want it to be. Plus our coin lists are constantly updated to reflect new releases. We are currently working to provide US and Canadian coins. If you are interested in other lists, please contact us.

Why we have the best coin lists...

First of all, our lists are completely free!  They are simple and easy to use, yet they are customizable and detailed.  Rather than you having to figure out what coins exist, we have already compiled a list of what coins are out there for you to be able to collect.  The information is already included, all you have to do is mark if you have it or not.  You can also put in your price information and the spreadsheet or database will calculate the value of your coin collection.